Saturday, November 17, 2012

Presentation Update

I got an 88% on my PowerPoint! And that was both the PowerPoint itself and presenting it! Yay :3 I dunno what I got on my essay yet...we will just have to wait and find out.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm stupid

Helloooooooooo bloggy people! You may be thinking "Hey! Why are you awake? Don't you have school in the morning?" Why, yes I do have school in the morning! In fact, school is partially the reason I'm awake at this un-fucking-godly hour. I'm mostly the reason though.

For about a month I've known about a 5 page research paper that I have to turn into a PowerPoint as well. Well, guess what? Every time I had a chance to sit down and do it, my brain just wouldn't let me. I don't even know why. So, at this exact moment it's 2:58am. I started at about 11, I think, and I got my paper done (completely from scratch, bibliography and all) at about 2:44. I gave myself a bit of a break for working so hard but just about time to go work on the powerpoint. I'm leaving this an open document and I'll document the time whenever I come to make a comment.

3:01 - Leaving to go work on powerpoint
3:05 - Starting to panic a little because I'm tired and I don't really know what to do...
3:06 - calms down slightly. all you have to do is convert the essay into a powerpoint...LASTING 7 MINUTES. shit.
3:07 - remembers freshman year...did presentation night before...ended up talking 10 minutes. we'll be okay. we're good at bullshitting.
3:21 - shit. i was doing so good. lost my concentration. 3:30 we're starting again. and actually focusing. i need to get this done by like, 4:30 or 5 so i might be able to get a smidgen of sleep, i mean jeez. i don't want to go on literally NO sleep. i'll die.
3:25 - okay i just started a video that will be done at approximately at 3:40. THEN i'll start. because then i won't be able to concentrate if i don't finish the video. because i'll sit here wondering about it instead of working.
3:28 - okay ended up bailing the video. going to google how to concentrate again.
3:37 - just made a decision. going to find all the pictures i want, put them in my powerpoint, go to sleep. in the morning i can usually work on other things during first block, will do that then after some sleep. work on it during advisory (also go print my essay during advisory). if it still isn't done i can probably work on it a little on the bus, since i will have everything i need from the internet already.

Okay, i'm FREAKING. EXHAUSTED. I'm going to go find all those pictures and get myself a couple hours of sleep. I already feel a lot better after finishing that paper...thought it was gonna take a lot longer than it did. Glad it didn't. I can make power points pretty fast. I'm not working fast right now. I'll work better in the morning after sleep and the caffeine I'm going to get.

Song of the day: "Tammy" by Debbie Reynolds. It's what's playing right now.
Book of the day: "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss. Because why not?

Miss M

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello, blogisphere!

Just a quick post here because I'm about to take a test.

Me and my lovely friend Nancy are starting up a YouTube channel called HurricaneNamanda. I'm posting Wednesdays, she's posting Mondays, so please go check it out. Our first post is tonight!

Okay, test time.

Song of the day: "Natural Disaster" by Steep Canyon Rangers, because it's stuck in my head right now
Book of the day: "Grimm's Fairy Tales" because I've been fangirling about Once Upon a Time.

Miss M

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So we meet again...

I have, yet again, been thrown back in the hated friendzone. I think.

It always goes like this. I meet boy. Me and boy talk...A LOT. I think a boy I like actually likes me back for once. Hopes smashed with a hammer when they either: straight out tell me they only like me as a friend, or start talking about other girls just like I'm another fucking dude.

WHY? WHY ME!? I know, for a fucking FACT, that I would be a great girlfriend. I don't need to know where you are every minute of every day. I don't even need daily contact for fucks sake, though it'd be nice. All I want, is a cute guy who can be both serious and silly with me. He needs to be able to hold an intelligent conversation with me. And, I just want him to cuddle with me if I so ask him to. I'm really not that picky...there are a lot of girls more picky than me. Unfortunately, I'm just not pretty enough to catch boy's eyes. I mean, I guess I'm cute in the face, but I'm not skinny enough for the guys that I always end up liking.

Gah. I am just in an absolute SHIT mood today. I always put my eggs in one boy basket that I'm SURE likes me back finally, then when I find out he doesn't (as it has always been at this point in my life), I die inside for a while. I'm in the dead inside portion. This has to happen before I recover.

Oh, god, I don't know how I'll be able to see him today. I guess I have to do what I always do when I'm sad: hide it. I'm really good at hiding it when I want to. So, yeah.

I'm just...I don't understand why. That's all I don't understand. I THOUGHT I'd presented myself to him in a romantic way. Apparently not enough.

Oh, another part of the "dead inside" portion-false hope. I keep telling myself that maybe he just likes her more than me, but he still likes me, and he just trusts me so he told me about it...
But then I'm like "NO. DON'T HURT YOURSELF." So I'm arguing with myself.

The day I met him was the day I started liking him. And the promise from others that he "liked me too" made that crush turn into something very close to being in love, and now...I'm just sad. Because I know that no matter how hard I try, I will always feel a bit of something close to love for him, whether we do end up dating, or (most likely) we do not.

Song of the day: "Teardrops on My Guitar" by Taylor Swift
Book/author of the day: There isn't one. Because all the books about unrequited love that I can think of ends up with the hero and the person they were lusting after together, or the hero of the novel ends up with someone else. Well, I'm not with him, and I'm still alone.

See you,
Miss M

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Howdy Blogisphere

Wow, I've been really lazy lately, haven't I? Well, sorry, but I don't have anything to talk about. Just wanted to check in with everyone, let ya know I'm fine, but I've just been busy with school, so I haven't posted.

Apparently, we are watching a movie in my American Cit class. That's fun. At least we don't have to learn shit. Far better than learning shit. I'm not even watching, I'm listening to music and internetting.

So I found this feature in the ichat that shows you whoever's on ichat within the same area. So I see every person on ichat in my whole school.

Okay, I'm getting bored with this now.

Song of the day: "Amie" by Pure Prairie League
Book of the day: "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. Hey, that book is always good!

See ya later!!
Miss M  

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Something I hate

You know what I hate? When people make cryptic posts on social media sites and don't explain what they meant later.

Like, recently a friend has been posting all about how she's been having multiple problems in her life and how they're hurting her so bad. She's posted multiple times, on multiple sites, over the last 4 or 5 days. So, trying to be a good friend this evening, I asked her what was wrong. She told me "so many things" were wrong, so I told her I had time if she wanted to talk about them. But then she starts going on about how she doesn't have time, but not in a nice way. I mean, her texts had a snippy tone to them. So I said back, trying to make my text sound like I was appalled, that I was disappointed but whatever. Then she sent one back, real pissed off, that obviously I didn't care so why was I bothering her because she was trying to fix them RIGHT NOW. I mean, WHAT? So I sent back one more telling her I didn't want to argue but I was saying one more thing: that I wouldn't have asked her in the first place if I didn't care.

What did I do? I was expressing interest in her problems, trying to possibly help her figure them out if she'd have only told me, but no. I don't even know.

Okay, I'll admit, I do this a little. But when I do it, it's things like "Why can't I do anything without a debacle?!" or, "The guy I like came back today <3". The difference with me, though, would be that I'd most likely explain what they meant if I was asked. Like, if you asked me about the debacle thing, I'd explain all the problems I've been having while volunteering at a football stadium (I will post about all that either later in the week or maybe even tomorrow, if I remember. That doesn't have anything to do with today's post so I'm not explaining it here. Back to the post.). And if they asked me about the second thing, and if I trusted them enough, I'd tell them who the guy I like is. But if I didn't trust them enough, I'd say something like "Oh, you don't know him" (my friends really don't...he goes to a different high school) or "I'm trying to figure out if he likes me right now, so I don't want to say who it is just yet". You know, perfectly plausible reasons.

All I don't understand about this is, she was taking time out of her "problem fixing" to post on social media about how she's had so many problems, and yelling at me about how she couldn't explain her problems to me because she's in the middle of fixing them, when she obvious had time to complain about them elsewhere. So why couldn't she just tell me WHAT THE FUCKING PROBLEMS ARE. Argh!

Okay, sorry, just had to get that out of my system. Complaining over.

Author of the day: Meg Cabot. Because every girl should read at least one of her books in their life.
Song of the day: I Won't Say I'm in Love from Disney's Hercules. Because it's very true for me right now.

See you next time,
Miss M

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So, today, my career center teacher had a couple of guys in the army come to talk to us today so we could expand our options. And one thing the sergeant said really stuck with me: Hope's not really a good strategy in anything.

I started thinking about how true that was. I mean, I'm not saying to not have hope. You always have to have hope, because sometimes it's all you have left. But I was thinking about how that's what I always do. I sit back and hope for the best, then nothing ever happens. Because I never actually go DO anything. So it opened my eyes.

You can't just sit back and hope for whatever it is you're wanting. You have to go out and get it.

So, Abe, I'm sorry. But you're about to be my boyfriend. You are my project.

Song of the day: We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. Because it's catchy.
Author of the day: JK Rowling. Because, duh.

See you!
Miss M

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A rant about boys and their wishy-washyness

Hi. I don't really have a topic for today, so I'm just gonna give a general update on me.

So, my career center is going pretty good. The guy, Abraham, is so amazing. I mean, seriously. I wanna jump that. Problem is, HE HAS A FUCKING GIRLFRIEND. YET WHAT DOES HE DO? FLIRT WITH ME ALL DAY.

I hate boys. They flirt with you and talk to you and tell you things like you're the only person they can tell, then the next moment "Oh yeah, I went to my girlfriend's this weekend." And you're just sitting there like "WHAT. THE FUCK. IS WRONG. WITH YOU." Because seriously! My friend Kiwi AND my mother think he's flirting with me. So does FPDP. It's so infuriating.  Because the good ones are always taken. WHY?!

He's hot, plays football, wrestles, is real muscley, is funny, nice, sweet, likes to make dirty jokes with me, AND HE USED TO BE IN SHOW CHOIR. HOW PERFECT IS HE FOR ME?! Totally fucking perfect, that's how perfect he is. All the guys that I like who sing are all basses. Guess what part he sang? Bass. He's a country boy and his legs/ass look amazing in his jeans. Sigh.

Him and Kiwi were sitting with me yesterday while we were doing our final sketches. OB was playing country music on the radio, and they were both singing. Kinda singing FOR me, because I didn't know most of the songs.

HE EVEN INVITED ME TO GO TO HIS CHURCH/YOUTH GROUP WITH HIM. Too bad I'm agnostic and every time I go to church I end up irritated, because I'd love to go and hang out with him. FML.

Sorry I've been irritated about this ever since it happened so I'm just AGH. I'm writing this at school and it's about to be passing time, so I'll end the rant for today.

Song of the day: Stu's Song (From The Hangover) Meets Metal by 331Erock on YouTube. It's amazing. See?

Book of the day: Identical by Ellen Hopkins

See you next time!
Miss M

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I have a weird problem. Whenever one of my friends is really super happy, I get sad.

Like, I'm happy for them, but at the same time I start feeling really bad about myself.

For example, just about 10 minutes ago my friend FPDP told me how she asked the boy she likes to be her boyfriend, and he accepted. I was immediately happy for her (and I'm STILL happy for her, really!) but then, a minute later, I felt the familiar sinking sensation in my stomach and the sadness descended on me. I started thinking about how I can't get a boyfriend, and how every time I think a boy likes me he always ends up backing out and not hardly speaking to me, and other things in that area.

I hate this, because I will feel the same elated happiness that my friends feel for like 5 minutes at the most, then my stomach sinks. I want to be happy with my friends, but I always have to end up pretending because even though I know I'm feeling the happy, the sad starts taking over and I have to work really hard to keep sounding happy so I don't ruin THEIR happy.

You know, internet, I go through this every few months or so. I won't care that I don't have a boyfriend for months. Then all of a sudden, I start thinking about my chronic singleness. I don't know how to get out of it. I know I shouldn't care, and I try to tell myself that, but I don't know. I only count myself as having one and a half boyfriends. One because I had a boyfriend 2 years ago (freshman year) for about a month, and that's where I got my first kiss. Half because a guy was identified as my "boyfriend" for three months in 7th grade. For some reason, that little black part inside of me tells myself that my lack of boyfriend is just confirmation that I am ugly. My parents and friends are all like "noooooooo! you're not ugly at all!" but I know they just say that because they're family/friends and they're obligated to.

I just want a boyfriend that thinks I'm pretty and likes my weird/nerdy personality, and likes spending time with me. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so, because I am single, as you can see.

Ugh. I know this is an extremely whiny post, but as I warned you in my very first one, this is going to be my diary of sorts. So, here's a diary-like post.

Song of the day: "I'm Not Okay" by My Chemical Romance. Because I'm not right now.
Book of the day: "The Book Thief" By Markus Zusak. Because it makes me cry.

See you next time,
Miss M

Friday, September 7, 2012


I'm going to go ahead and post this now. I think I'm getting a cold. I have a stopped up nose, a headache, a sore throat (and I sound like a fucking frog), I'm quickly developing a cough, and my body is so sore. I am not in a good mood.

I was posting this just in case I don't get to post this weekend. So you guys will have a reason.

Song of the day: "5-1-5-0" by Dierks Bently
Book of the day: "Before I Fall" by Lauren Oliver

See you MAYBE this weekend, maybe not till next weekend. Who knows.
Miss M

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We got MacBooks at school today. I'm writing this blog from it. That's surprising. Filters usually won't let you in any sort of social networking site (i.e., this). Hmm. Interesting.

Okay, I just wanted to do this because it was surprising. Haha.

Author of the day: Judy Blume, in honor of her announcing her breast cancer.
Song of the day: Yellow-Backed Fly by Steve Martin & The Steep Canyon Rangers. Because it's the first one that came up on my iPod, haha.

See you this weekend!
Miss M

Monday, September 3, 2012


So, today counts as weekend because it's labor day. Happy labor day!

Quick update on the boy-ish front before the real meat: England has basically ceased talking to me, while Abraham has increased his talking. Weird.

Saturday, I had to go to a game night thing. Some of my mom's old co-workers had invited her many times to go to a game night, and she finally accepted this time. She forced me to go with her as her excuse, because FPDP and Leppie had invited me to go to FPDP's house to sleepover, and go to the water park in the morning. The co-workers have a friend that is slightly autistic, and it was her house that we went to.

Okay, I know it's not her fault, but SERIOUSLY. SHE IRRITATED ME SO BADLY. We were there until about 10, then we headed to FPDP's house.

Me, Leppie, and FPDP stayed up really late and talked. Then at 10:45 Sunday morning, we got up and got ready to go to the water park. I had a really good time. We floated around the lazy river most of the time and talked. The other part of the time, we were in the normal big pool floating around, or laying out on chairs.

Then, mother tells me that we're going to her best friend's house to have enchiladas. Well, yay enchiladas, but I was quickly developing a severe sunburn. My shoulders were slightly burned, my right arm was burned pretty bad, my chest wasn't too good, and my shoulder blades/back were REALLY bad. So we were there until about 1:30, then finally home.

THIS MORNING, mother gets a phone call from grandpa that we need to "trim the yard". Excuse me, old man, but I have a severe sunburn. I had to do it anyway. I was luckily only out there for like, 30 minutes with a tshirt covering all the sunburn, but still.

Now I'm inside. I needed this to be a quick blog because I also need to do laundry and finish my homework today. So, I'm going to sign off for now.

Song of the day: "Gangnam Style" by PSY. Yes, I like this song. It's catchy as hell.
Book of the day: "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. I'm reading it again, yeah. Screw you.

See you next weekend!
Miss M

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hi. Okay. I'm changing my policy again. I have now started school, and realized I lack all motivation to do anything of importance during the weekdays. So, now, there will be one post a week, posted sometime Friday-Sunday. Now, NEWS!

So, I started actual school on Tuesday. Meh. That just means waking up at 6am every day. I like all my teachers except one, and he teaches the subject I'd known I'd hate: College Algebra. So yeah. Haven't gotten much homework yet, thankfully. The REAL news is about my career center.

There are 2 boys, Abraham and England. Abraham is UBER hot and flirts with me some. I wasn't sure about England, until we drew pictures with each other one day. I have confirmation of flirtation after showing the doodles to my parents, grandpa and best friend. So yay! A possible future boyfriend!

Okay. I have to start getting ready for bed. See you next weekend!

Song of the day: Carol of the Bells by William Joseph. Yes, I'm listening to christmas music in August. Fuck you.
Book of the day: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Miss M

Monday, August 20, 2012


I'm postponing today's post to tomorrow, for two reasons. One, I need to go to bed for starting REAL school in the morning because I need to wake up at 6, and TWO, I think it'll be more interesting to talk about the first day of school tomorrow. So yeah.

Artist of the day: Ed Sheeran. I fell in love with him today.
Book of the day: "To Kill a Mockingbird". Fuck you, I like that book!

See you Tuesday!
Miss M

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vacation Adventures, Career Centers, and a Demon in Indiana

Okay, the things I listed in the title will not be in that order. But this is a blog of three parts.

PART ONE: Michigan!

I haven't been posting because I've been in Michigan and I've been tired. So, I'm going to tell you about our vacation now!

You know about the car shit. If you don't, refer to the previous post. So, our friends finally got us to their home and we went to bed. Sunday morning we woke up, had breakfast, and went to the beach at Lake Michigan. It was my first lake ever, and my first beach ever. Let me tell you, that water was FUCKING COLD! But beautiful. I loved it a lot. We stayed there for like 4 hours, had ice cream, went back to their house and watched True Blood, then went to bed. The next day, we got up and explored the city they live near, Traverse City. We went to a fancy mall that used to be an insane asylum, and it was AWESOME. All the stores were so expensive, but the building they were in was awesome. Then we drove up to a lighthouse and went to the little rock beach there. We got back home, watched Grimm, then went to bed. The last day of fun stuff, we got up and started to make our way to Mackinac Island (Pronounced mack-in-aw. Yes, I know there is a C at the end. Blame the French people). We took the scenic long route, and we got hungry. We stopped at the most amazing little place called the Good Hart General Store. If you ever can, stop there. They have delicious wraps and it's in a small town, so everyone is nice even if they have no idea who you are. Anyway, then we went into the "Tunnel of Trees" which was a beautiful road lined with trees. We got to Mackinaw City and got on our boat to the island. We found out that the Grand Hotel on the island was the hotel where they filmed the movie "Somewhere in Time" (which is a great movie...a science fiction-romance) so we HAD to go there, because it's one of my mom's very favorite movies. The hotel was so fucking fancy the bathroom had a legit ATTENDANT. But the hotel was beautiful, the grounds were beautiful, and it was just fun. We walked around the island and saw lots of fun little shops, then we went back on the boat and back home. The return trip will be covered in the next part.

PART TWO: A demon in Indiana

Okay, so, last time we went to see our friend, she lived in Indiana. On the way there, the front brakes just completely crapped out. We made it to their home, but then had to spend like 2 hours waiting in the car place the next day. The return trip was fine though. This time, we had all the trouble on the way there (IN INDIANA IS WHERE IT STARTED) that I have already covered. So, the car is finally at a transmission place and is being fixed, but it's still in Michigan. Because it won't be done at least this week. So, our friends were amazing because they let us borrow their van until our car is fixed, and when it is fixed we will figure out a way to get them traded again. We are at the moment assuming that we will meet half way in Chicago (yay!). So, on our way back home, we were about 15 minutes into FUCKING INDIANA where all of a sudden, all the electronics in the car shuts off. The GPS, windows, air conditioning, everything electric. We go on like that for a while, then we hit a truck stop and stop there for a minute to start calling people, when all of a sudden everything comes back on. So we went on our merry way.


PART THREE: Career Centers

I had my first class of career center today. All we did was sit there while the Officer talked. I'm hoping it will be at least slightly more interesting tomorrow.

So, there's the end of my post. The third part was short because 1) There wasn't really much to say and 2) my mother wants me to go to bed because I need to be up at 9 to get ready for my second day of career center. So yeah. Michigan is severely underrated, it's beautiful up there.

Song of the day: "You Belong with Me" by Taylor Swift. Because I've been thinking about how a certain person belongs with me (he really does)
Book of the day: "Thirteen Reasons Why" by Jay Asher. Why? Because I've been kindof depressed lately, okay? I'm fine, but sometimes I just feel sad.

See you Monday!.
Miss M

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Breakin' the car, breakin' the car...

Yeah, I was about to write a title and for some reason got reminded of "Breakin' the Law" by Judas Preist, so that's why that is our title.

I know I post tomorrow, and I was actually going to post this yesterday, but everything was just SO fucked up and I was exhausted'll see.

So, we head out for Michigan at approximately 4:15am Saturday morning. We hit a raccoon in there somewhere, but other than that everything is hunky-dory until about noon, when we're in Bloomington, Illinois.

We get gas, re-start the car, and the check engine light has come on. My parents have had this happen before, and they were told that sometimes, if you don't put the gas cap back on right, the check engine light comes on. So they were told to undo and redo the gas cap, disconnect the battery, reconnect it, then everything should be fine. So, they do that, and we're back on the road. The last time they did this, the car ran rough for a while, but then righted itself, so when it started running rough, they just figured the car was fixing its problem, so they ignored it. All of a sudden, just outside Chicago, the RPM gague starts revving up really high, then suddenly dropping. It does this repeatedly, the gague getting over 6, and we know something is really fucked up. So we stop. On the side of a highway. We rest the car, let it cool down some, and try again. After about 15 minutes it starts again. We keep going through this process (like, 6 times) with each time taking less for the gague to start revving. We barely get across the Michigan border, and get to a welcome center. We call our friends that we are driving up to see, and the man says he thinks something is wrong with the transmission, and reccomends something that might fix it. We try it, and it doesn't work. We limp along a little farther until we make it to a little town, and thankfully find a mechanic. Unfortunately, he's closing. He does, though, tell us that our transmission is completely fucked and we either need a new one, or need to rebuild the one we have. He says that if we have someone to come get us, to have them do it. Our friends had already been on the way because they were worried about us, so we had to wait. We and our friends communicate back and forth a lot in the next while, and eventually find us someone to take our car to that is only about 2 hours from our friends, rather than 4 hours away. We (after a loooooong time and quite a lot of struggle) got a tow truck coming to get us, so we waited. We waited in our car, in this tiny parking lot, in this tiny town, for like 4 hours. Our friends get there and we take everything into their car, and we wait for the truck. The truck gets there about 20 minutes later, and we're off. Two hours later, we arrive at the mechanic. Two hours after that, we arrive at their house, at 2am. We all go to bed immediately.

So, yesterday was just COMPLETELY. FUCKED. UP. Thank god we had amazing friends to come get us, and thank god we are at their home safe. We haven't heard anything about our car yet, and we need it my Wednesday, because I start school on Thursday! I CAN'T MISS THE FIRST DAY!!

So yeah. This is making our vacation difficult to enjoy, but we are managing to do it. Tomorrow, I'll talk about our adventures on Monday and Tuesday.

Book of the day: "Divergent" by Veronica Roth
Song of the day: "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" by Eric Idle

See you tomorrow!
Miss M

Thursday, August 9, 2012


We leave for Michigan on Saturday. At 4am. Yeah, I'm not happy about that. But Michigan! Land of lakes! And lake beaches! And lighthouses! Somewhere I've never been! Hooray! And, you'll get a blog from while I'm there! Excitement!

So, we were supposed to be there from Saturday to Saturday (a week) and stay with our friends that live up there, but then something happened. My other school (the career center) sent us a letter where we learned that they didn't run on the same schedule as my home school. I start normal school on the 21st, but they start on the 16th. And also, apparently, they will have school sometimes and my home school won't, or my home school will have school sometimes and they won't. Doesn't matter who has school or who doesn't, I'll have to go wherever does. The good thing, though, is when the career center has school and my home school doesn't, I get to sleep in, and when my home school has school but the career center doesn't, I get to go home real early. So that's nice.

So, that cut our vacation short. But it's okay, because I didn't think we could fit enough things in a week of stay, but now we have 3 days and can do a few real fun things. Like, we are going to go to a lake-beach for one of the days, a cool little island (with a lighthouse on it...also, apparently, we will fit another lighthouse in somewhere...don't know where, though), go shopping in a mall that used to be an insane asylum, and explore the bigger town that our friends live just outside of. Our friends also live on a bunch of land that has a lot of woods, and I will make them let me explore. I've never been in the woods on foot before, so that's exciting. 

I was going to take my camera, with a few pictures still on it, because I couldn't find my cord to save them to my computer, but then my dad finally found my camera cord. I was so happy! So I'm taking a completely empty camera (which is like...2000 pictures or something close to that) to take a million pictures with. After I'm back I might make a special Saturday blog showing some of my favorites, because that Thursday will be spent telling you about the rest of my vacation and my first day of career center. 

I'm finished packing my clothes, so I'm working on packing my fun bag for the car (it's a 13 hour drive...I'm not too excited about that part). I have to take my AP homework with me, because I finally got the book yesterday and I'm too excited now to work on it. Mom says I will get bored enough in the car that even homework will seem fun, and I believe her. I need a notebook to take notes and answer some questions for part of the homework, so I went to my bag of new school supplies. I have pretty notebooks that have designs on the front, not just colors, so I was trying to decide what to pick. I have a green polka dot one, a blue wavy one, and a yellow one with speech bubbles and things like that. My reasoning was: "Well, it's for psychology, psychology is about brains, so I want the one with the thought bubble on it." Yep, I'm weird. Then I did this to it:

Yup. I'm awesome. 

Now, to return packing my car entertainment, and re-check my clothes!

See you Monday..IN MICHIGAN!
Miss M

Song of the day: "Somebody That I Used to Know" cover by Walk off the Earth
Author of the day: Suzanne Collins. Yep. HUNGER GAAAAAAAAAAMES!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Holy Shit a Wednesday Post

Hi! Yeah, it's Wednesday. But a lot of stuff happened today and I don't want to make tomorrow's post really long like they have been lately.

So, we've been having trouble with me getting the textbook for my summer homework, remember? If you don't remember, go take a look at Monday's post again before reading the rest of this so it'll make sense.

The lady who is (apparently) the only one who could get in the textbook room finally came into work today and dropped the book off at the high school library for me to get later. So, since registration was also today (we already registered...they also took yearbook pics today, so that's what we went for) we dropped by the library before heading to get my picture. I go down to the library and ask the lady who's there if there was anything left for me. The first lady, for some reason, had written down my mother's name instead of mine, and hadn't taken down my student ID number like she apparently should have. So the lady now had to get all that, but when she checked it into the computer, it told her I had a fee of 80 dollars! I don't know why the hell it said that, because I turned in all of my textbooks both of my previous years of school. She tries to call the elusive lady who finally got my textbook to ask what to do, she doesn't answer (of course). So she calls the school, and the school says to override it and give it to me. So, thankfully I have it now and can start my homework. Which I will be doing tomorrow in the daytime, hopefully. Because we are packing tomorrow. Hooray!

Song of the day: "Sexually Attracted to Myself" by Reader's Wives
Book of the day: "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. Yeah, I know. She wrote "Twilight". But this book is better...seriously.

See you tomorrow! (Maybe. I will be packing, you know. So it'll either be late, or it'll be posted early Friday.)
Miss M

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun Weekends

So it's 10:30 at night and guess what I remember? "Oh shit. It's Monday. Post day. Better go do that." So here I am. On to the post-age (not the mail kind, the blog kind).

This weekend I did some stuff. Saturday morning I had to get up at 7:50 am (this isn't the fun part...more on the fun in a minute) to do a little yard work. It's been so hot, and there has been so little rain, that the yard is mostly brown, minus the weeds growing up around the edges and those damn green plants that grow on our weird little corner thingies in our patio and along all our fencing. My job, was cutting down the green plants (this is the job I hate the most, so I wasn't happy) on the little corner thingies and along as much of the fence I could until my grandfather (he always orchestrates yard work. It seems that he believes that if we let stuff grow to the point where it looks slightly unkempt, he thinks the city will be after us. Also, he's terrified of the heat, so we always have to do it early. Ugh.) tells me to stop. Grandpa went after the edging on the riding mower, and my dad helped me cut stuff down until grandpa was done. Then grandpa told me it was fine for me to stop, so I did, and dad did his thing with the push mower. Then we went to breakfast, I took a shower, and then went to the fabulous FPDP's house! (hint: this is where the fun part starts)

So I got there and she had another friend with her that SHE had spent the night with the night before. We all went to a game night that a person in her home having. We played Apples to Apples with some other people, then Super Smash Bros, then I made them get out the Mario Kart Wii. You see, I'm a beast at Mario Kart. Someone challenged me to my favorite character. He was acting all superior because I was saying how I'm good at it. I accepted his challenge, and proceeded to kick his ass. Then I kinda sucked for the rest of the night. Also, there's something about playing with more than one other person with me that I suddenly start shouting. And I shouted so much my throat hurt. And FPDP's ex also flirted with me. Which was, like, totally gross but at the same time flattering because FPDP is so much prettier than me and it made me feel pretty. But then her mom said he was probably only doing it to make FPDP jealous. So then I was kinda sad. But lots of like 20 year old guys flirt with me anyway. Like one at the mall today. He was hot. But it's irritating because my mother takes care of me and won't let me go off with all those lecherous older guys who just want jailbait-SHIT I'M GOING OFF TOPIC.

So anyway, I went back to FPDP's house and we got on the computer for a while, talked to Leppie for an hour, watched Lilo and Stitch, and she was really awesome and painted my toes for me, then we slept.

We had to wake up at 7:55 on Sunday because we were going to the zoo. We woke up and asked her dad if the other family was ready, and he said they weren't, so we dozed on and off until about 8:30 when he said down into the basement that they'd be leaving their house in like 3 minutes and for us to get ready. So we got ready REALLY fast then got to the zoo. We walked around one area, walked back to the front, walked around the front, took a tram to the other area and did this fly-over thing they have (this thing was like a ski lift, so it went in a huge oval. So, on the return trip we passed a hot guy. FPDP told me "Hey, that guy's hot" and I said "Yes he is!" then I looked at him and said "HEY! YOU'RE HOT!" I mean, we're never gonna see him again so what's it matter?), walked back to the front again, then went back to her house. I waited at her house for my mom for like an hour because, even though I'd told her I was gonna be back there between 1 and 3, she still went out to eat at a place that's like, 45 minutes away with the rest of my family. Then I went home and did laundry and cleaned my room.

We were at the zoo for like, 4 hours and I walked a fuck ton. I'm so tired. My body hurts so bad.


So I found out a couple weeks ago that I'd somehow missed hearing that AP classes have summer homework, so I emailed an awesome teacher that I love (who taught me CA in the 8th grade, just also moved to my high school because her daughter was going to go there) and also happens to partially run the AP program if she could get me the materials I need so I could have all my stuff done. She could. So today I went to get them. Getting the instructions was fine. She told me to go over to the library (it's in the basement of the public library, and also across the street from my high school) and ask for a certain lady to let me in the textbook room back in the school so I could actually complete the homework (which isn't much. Take notes over a couple chapters, make flash cards of the vocab in those chapters, answer the questions after both those chapters, then read a little packet. Easy stuff, for me anyway.). I went over to the library, and there was a bitchy lady there from whom I learned that the lady I needed wasn't there, and she couldn't do anything to help me because she "was just a sub and didn't know anything". So I went upstairs (the normal public library part) and asked them if they knew anything, and they didn't either. I called my mom (who was waiting back at the school) what to do now, and she said to come back over and ask the receptionist in the student service center if she could leave the AP lady a note. She couldn't, but recommended that I email her to bring it to the receptionist lady so I could pick it up. Well, she hasn't answered yet. So that's lovely.

Okay, ending the long post because my hands are starting to hurt from typing so much.

See you Thursday!
Miss M

PS: I already know what my next 3 posts will be about, so you won't get nothing ones with just videos and "I'm sorry-s" in them. Yay!

PPS: I'm also thinking I'll start two "of the day" segments at the end of each blog. A song/artist section, where I talk about a song artist (or a few) that I like, or a song (or a few) that I like, or both. Maybe a song from the artist I mention, maybe not. We'll wait and see. And, also, a book/author section, where I talk about a book (or few) that I like, or an author (or a few) that I like. Same conditions as with the music one. They will appear every post, if I remember them. If not, then whenever I remember.
Or maybe I'll post a random "of the day" thing along with those two every once in a a YouTuber or a food or something like that. Yeah.

PPPS: Here's the first two.

Artist/songs of the day-Father John Misty. I somehow found him in Spotify. I just found him today, and from what I've listened to so far I rather like the songs "Nancy From Now On", "I'm Writing a Novel", and "Only Son of the Ladiesman".
Book/Author of the day: "An Abundance of Katherines" by John Green. John Green is also our author of the day. I love all his books that I've read ("An Abundance of Katherines", "Paper Towns", "Looking for Alaska", and "The Fault in our Stars"...I'm still missing "Will Grayson, Will Grayson") but Katherines is definitely my favorite of them. Seriously, check him out.

Okay, I'm really leaving this time.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Lack of Female BFF

Well, it's Thursday. And as promised, the somewhat-but-not-really dramatic story of how I lost my girl best friend, whom I shall be calling Stupid Hoe, or rather, SH.

Background: We look kindof similar, and most everyone thought we were twins/sisters, and this brought us closer. We had been friends since the end of the first week of freshman year (a year and a half prior to this). We had had one major falling out before this, a few months before. I don't even remember what that one was about. She was the best friend I had ever had, and she knew EVERYTHING. Now as I look back, I THOUGHT I knew everything about her, but it seems to me now that she was either a pathological liar or just didn't tell me anything. Okay, onto the story.

So, I had just spent a week (spring break) pretty much with SH all hours of the day. The music department (orchestra, band, and choir) took a trip to Washington DC for that week, coming home on my birthday (March 17). She was my roommate, along with another friend of ours (we had the good fortune to only have to have 3 girls in our room). We were together much of every day as well. Now that I think about this, I think she may have been tired of me. But she was still with me every chance she got...I don't know. Anyway, the first Monday back is where the problem began.

Scene: Third block, US History, about 15 minutes before lunch.
She usually sat right behind me. Another mutual friend of ours (Arie) had texted me something funny, and I decided to show it to SH. We had free time in class, either it was a study day or he just finished early, I don't remember now. Anyway, I showed it to her, and she decided to scroll through the rest of the conversation to see if anything else was funny. Usually, this would not bother me at all, but earlier in the day I had told Arie something I didn't want SH to see.
You see, I have another best friend. L-Mon. A boy. I go through stages of thinking I have a crush on him, and other times I don't think I do at all. He always acts like he likes me, yet says he doesn't...that's a story for another day. Anyway, I was in an I-think-I-like-him stage and had texted Arie that. I didn't want SH to know, because she, along with all of our other friends (and even my own parents) said we liked each other and kinda freaked whenever I went through these stages, and I didn't want to deal with it.
Well, she saw it. And she freaked, just like I knew she would. I was sitting there under a siege of questioning from her and our other two friends in that class. She then decided to text a whole bunch of our mutual friends that she had saw that. Now, you're probably thinking, "That's it? That all it was?". Nope. Sure wasn't. That actually didn't bother me at all. She did stuff like that sometimes, and I was already thinking of ways to lie and tell everyone I was really tired and didn't know what I was saying, yadda yadda. I don't like people to know who I like. So I was just like "Ugh" and was going to let it go.

Scene: Outside the US History classroom, waiting for the teacher to come back, right after lunch.
We had been talking about other things (me, SH, and two other friends of ours). When she brought it up again. Then, she came up with the bright idea to post it on his PUBLIC FACEBOOK WALL. WHERE HE, AND ALL OF HIS/HER FRIENDS COULD SEE IT. If she had just decided to email it to him, that was a whole 'nother story. The main reason that I was angry at all, was just because she made it to where all of his Facebook friends, and her Facebook friends (since she had posted it, her friends could see it, as I'm sure you know) could see it. Most likely, people that would spread it around the whole school. I was so angry at her that, looking back, I may have overreacted a LITTLE. I uphold that I was allowed to be angry at this because, like I said, it would have been an entirely different story if she had just emailed it to him, where just he would see it. We went back to normal after that, mostly.
After school that day, something had happened to fuel my anger again (this was 5 months ago, I don't remember every detail). I was at auditions for a theater show. I texted her again, full of anger. (Now, I'll admit, me texting her here may have made the whole fight worse. BUT. She does something in a bit that is waaaaaaay worse than this. You'll see.) We get in an argument, and it ends with her insulting me, telling me that nobody really likes me, and other rude things like that. She told me to leave her alone, but I refused to let her have the last word since she started the entire situation, so I texted back "Fine" and that was it. I was crying and was being comforted by my amazing theater family. I went home and forgot about it.

Scene: Next day, second block, Spanish class
SH and I hadn't spoken since the afternoon before, when she insulted me, which was odd for us. I had been letting our mutual friends know what happened so they would understand why there would be tension between us. Suddenly, I start getting texts from a number I've never seen. I can only assume that SH sent her on me to hurt me. The mystery texter states her name, that she is a friend of SH's, and then starts her assault. She says, that I am a bitch, that I start shit, than I'm just trying to make things worse for SH and should stay out of her business, that I am send all of our friends to ruin her life, that nobody really likes me, among other things. She also says that when she used to go to my school, that I was a bitch to her and started all sorts of drama. This claim is hilarious, because I had NO idea who this person was, what she looked like, anything. And I also try my very best to stay out of drama. About half these insults are in the first texts she sends, and I reply by saying that I do none of these things, that I am none of these things, and for her to please stop texting me because I have no idea who she is. She basically tells me whatever, sends the other insults, and I reply again by asking her to please stop texting me because I don't know who she is. She then stops her texting assault of me.
I have a minor panic attack problem that has never been diagnosed, but every once in a while I will get them. I start getting one now. I finally get my Spanish teacher to let me go to the nurse, because I'm crying, can barely breathe, feel like I'm going to throw up, and almost fall over whenever I try to stand. On my way down to the nurse, which takes me a while because I'm trying not to fall, I run through my options.
By what SH has told me, I know she is (at least by her claims) the type of person to ruin my family's house (by egging, TPing, tagging, etc) or cars (keying, etc), or the type to send people after me to further textually assault me, or beat me up. I knew that she wouldn't stop this unless I brought in an adult/my mother (my mother is reeeeeally scary, and SH knew that because she'd spent the night at my house many times before). I also wasn't ready to take the chance on bagging on that she was most likely lying. So I tell my mother. My mother gets her phone number from me, and tells her to just stop it. She didn't insult or threaten her, just told her to stop giving outside people my phone number, that this argument was between us. I went back to class.

Scene: Week or two later, Spanish class again
I'm called out of class to go speak to the assistant principal for my grade. Basically what happened is, SH's mother didn't like that my mother had texted her "precious" daughter (her mother seriously, like, worships SH) and informed the principal, me and SH were called in separately (I don't know which one of us was first, she just told me that she'd be seeing both of us separately) to tell our sides of the story. I told mine basically as I have told it here, but probably with more finite details because had only been a week or two earlier that it had happened.

We haven't spoken since.

I decided to write this here because I have taken to stalking her Facebook (her life is a lot worse than mine usually, and I like to look at the posts and laugh at her and say "That's karma, bitch!") and I decided to go back to the days of our argument. She called me "sad" because "I called in my mommy to fight my battle". As I explained above, I called in my mother because I knew her well enough to know that if I tried to fight it myself, it'd probably just get worse, and she'd harm me, my house, or my family's cars, and I didn't want to put my family through that. I am usually one to fight my own battle, I just didn't want it to escalate further.

It's just been all over my mind lately. I've gotten so angry about it because SHE is the one who first brought in someone else to fight HER battle, yet she's going to call ME sad for calling in my mother? SHE had some bitch I don't even know insult me, and yet she's going to call ME a baby? Ugh.

Okay, I've taken up enough of your time by this really long post, so I'll head out for now.

I feel better writing the whole thing/my feelings down here. Thanks for reading. Go ahead and comment if you want how you would have handled the situation! Keep in mind though: I was so freaked at the time that my best friend in the entire world had turned on me, so I probably could have handled some things better. Please don't insult how I did it.

Okay, that's all!

See you Monday,
Miss M

Monday, July 30, 2012


AAAAND I just realized it's Monday...and 10pm...I'M AMAZING AT REMEMBERING.

I've decided I'm tired today, and don't really have anything to talk about. I DO, however, know what I'm going to talk about on Thursday...


Yeah. It's an action packed love story...

Okay...well...not really.

Just kinda drama-y and stupid. But it still makes me upset and was an important part of my last few months of sophomore year. So...yeah. That's what I'm talking about on Thursday.

Here is a happy pop-tart cat flying through space farting rainbows to make up for the lack of real post substance today. Enjoy!

See you Thursday!
Miss M

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ohhhhhhh Bugger....

I...again...don't have anything to talk about. And I don't want to have to take extra time just to think up a topic. So, here's this...

Have fun!

See you Monday!
Miss M <3

Monday, July 23, 2012


Hi! It's MONDAY!

Wait, why am I acting happy about this? I hate Mondays.

Well, anyways. Yesterday was my mommy's birthday. She turned 43.

And, now to MY news.

On Saturday afternoon, I drove myself (Well...with my parents in the car. Permit, you know) over to my friend FirePenguinDiscoPanda's (Okay...that's really hard to type. She will hereafter, and in all subsequent blog posts, be known as FPDP) house. Her parents will still working when I got there, so we just sat on her couch in the rec room and talked about random shit. After her parents got home, we decided to make sims of ourselves and we did. However, the computer fucked up and we had to start watching Netflix instead. We watched lots of TV shows and movies, complained about guys (and how each of us thinks a guy friend of ours likes us, but are too dumbassed to do anything about it), and talked about drama in our lives. We had waffles at 1:30 in the morning, then we fell asleep until around 10:45am. She got on the computer to mess with the sims again, and I was watching shows on Netflix. We talked while this was going on. Then my mom came to get me and we went out to lunch, and didn't do anything else for the rest of the day.

That was my first sleepover since March, when my (now ex) best friend decided to make a decision that appalled me (maybe I'll talk about that on Thursday...hmmm...). But yeah. It was fun.

HEY! FPDP! Invite me over again soon! Lol. We can invite Leppie too!

See you Thursday!
Miss M

P.S.: Hey....FPDP...Leppie is our mutual friend with the blonde hair and same birthday as me. Get it? March 17-Leprecaun-Leppie! Kay, thanks, bye! :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I don't have anything to talk about today. Seriously. I mean, well, a guy tried to buy a SINGLE BEER at the Walmart today. He looked kinda drunk already.


So, here's a funny video instead:

See you Monday, where I will actually have something to talk about (me and FirePenguinDiscoPanda's upcoming sleepover on Saturday!)

Miss M

Monday, July 16, 2012

I Just Made a Decision

Yes, two posts today! This is gonna be a short one though.

I was thinking about it, and even though yes, this is summer and I have nothing better to do, I have a hard time thinking of something to post about every day.

So I've decided: I will post Mondays and Thursdays, and whenever else strikes my fancy. I will carry this through the school year as well. So, there's my quick update.

Miss M

Internet Video!

So, me and my mother were having a chat this morning about Glee. We both love the show. I record it in my room on my DVR because the living room one already records a lot of stuff, and my dad doesn't like Glee anyway. So it's recorded in my room.

ANYWAYS, my mother hasn't seen the last half of the season. She hasn't seen from the episode with Blaine's big brother to the end (I have, though). She was thinking about subscribing to Hulu Plus (hereafter known as H+) so she could watch it without having to be in my room (my room is really small, and she thinks my bed is really uncomfortable, blah blah blah), so she asked me to research it a bit. I did, and learned some things (I'll get to that in a minute, hold on...). She then realized she wasn't sure what the difference was between H+ and Netflix (hereafter known as N), so I researched that as well. Here's what I learned.

H+ is about $10 a month for unlimited streaming through the internet, in devices like computers, video game consoles, internet-connected TVs, and internet-connected Blu-ray players. N is around $9 a month, with similar streaming features, and you can also play an extra $9 for the ability to get one DVD at a time through the mail. Here's the major difference though...THE CONTENT. 

H+ is geared more towards major TV watchers. It has the entirety of the most recent season of many shows, and new episodes are up a couple days after premiering on TV. It also has a rather large TV backlog, for example it has not only every episode of Glee season three, it also has every episode of the other two seasons. Its movies are rather limited, though. By that I mean that the ones they have are rather unheard of, and they don't have very many (in contrast to N, anyway). N has a HUGE selection of movies. However, some of their movies (and TV for that matter) are only available through DVD and that's a real problem point for my mother. N has a huge selection of TV, but it doesn't have the most recent season/episodes. It's always a season behind. BUT. It has every episode of series like the original Star Trek, Rugrats, Friends, LOST, and others like that. 

So, I think if I could only get one, I'd probably pick N. It has way more movies and TV shows to select from. The only thing I'd be sad I didn't have is the recent-ness of H+'s TV selection. But at this point, it seems that my mother is thinking that we might as well get both if we're going to get one, plus we can always cancel if it turns out we don't like one. So, that's fun.

That's my rant for today. Plus I also put that there so I can refer to it for my mother later, haha. 

See you next time,
Miss M

Friday, July 13, 2012


Okay, I can't think of a better topic so we are going to talk about today's driving escapade.

For the past two days, I've been driving our minivan because my dad takes our Toyota to work. Well, today, I got to drive the Toyota because we didn't get to go out driving until after dad was already home. So mom drove me over to the mall, and I drove around in a parking lot for a while and on the little mini street for a couple loops to get used to the different feel of the Toyota. Then mom decided it was time to try somewhere else, so she got back in the driver seat to take me somewhere else to drive.

The "somewhere else" was this little area with a paved road that was SUPPOSED to turn into a little housing area...but the houses were never built, so there's a random paved road that's really curvy and shit. Mom took me there to learn to control my turning. We went around and around, with a three-point turn in there at one point, until my mom turns to me and goes "SO, do you wanna drive us home?!"

I was immediately scared, because, HELLO, it's only my third day of driving! The way she was trying to make me take was going a small stretch down a road that was like a highway (not really a highway, but with as many cars and going as fast as one), down some residential roads, across another seriously busy street, then down a few more residential roads to our house. We argued for about ten minutes, with me still driving randomly around the little abandoned road, until she convinced me to drive home a longer but less scary route through a mostly residential area with a small stint on a really fast road (that she didn't warn me until I was turning onto it...thanks, mom) before turning into our neighborhood. I figured I'd have to get on the real roads eventually, and if I was this scared it might take a long time, so I said "fuck my fear" and jumped in.

We start down the road, only to find out the route she was going to take me was closed. So we have to drive randomly around a neighborhood before mom can find the one street in the neighborhood she knows and can direct me home from there. We finally find it after around 5 minutes, and I'm back on the way home. A minute or two later, we come up to my first ever stoplight, and the really busy road. The stoplight was green when I got up to it, so it was onto the road!

I've been terrified of other cars being on the road with me, because I feel like I'm not going fast enough for them and they'll get all road-ragey at me. So I'm going faster than I ever have so far, and freaking out. Another stoplight comes up, and I actually have to stop at this one. I manage that okay, and I turn into our neighborhood from there. We get to where I'm about to turn onto our street, and the bunch of kids that live on our street are all congregated RIGHT where I have to turn in. Mom directs me to turn on the turn signal and wait for them to move, and they do. Then creep, slowly, onto the street while they continue to move out of my way, and when they do, I go on down the street to our house.

I was also scared of parking in our driveway because I was convinced that I'd fuck it up. I turn into the drive, very slowly, and make it perfectly straight in one try.

I was exceedingly happy. I actually drove all the way home, without dying or crashing or both. I'm still not ready for highways or anything, but I think I can make small trips down your average roads now. Yay.

I promise I'll have a more interesting topic for Monday. I'm staying with a friend, FirePenguinDiscoPanda, at her house on Sunday through Monday night, and we are (at the moment, anyway) planning on having a spa day and watching movies and being awesome and not sleeping, and just generally hanging out. I'm really excited.

Okay, that's all for today.

See you next time,
Miss M

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Movies and More Driving

I love movies. I think of this for today, because I watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes today. Old movies are the best kind of movies, because you get to watch lovely movies with out all of the technology movies today are basically required to have.

My favorite movie ever is Back to the Future. I love it, your average 80s teenager just happens to be friends with a scientist, and the scientist happens to invent a time machine, and the teenager accidentally goes back in time! His confusion when he first arrives is one of my favorite things, because it's so real! I mean, if you were just trying to escape some people in a car and all of a sudden you're in farmland and it's the 50s, what would you do? Freak the fuck out!

My second favorite movie is Star Wars. The first one, the one that came out in 1977. You know, the good one. I love it because it's another lovely example of how far we have some in the land of special effects. You get the point of what they're trying to do without them having to make it overly obvious. I love it.

My third favorite movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's one of those movies that is so bad, that it's good. And it's a musical. And has gay people. I love all those things. Yes.

Okay...nothing else to talk about right now. I drove more today. I drove in the many parking lots that surround a mostly dead mall. There is a little road that goes all the way around the mall and parking lots that doesn't have much traffic on it (because the mall only has like, 5 stores left) so I drove laps on it to get "road" practice without having to worry about a lot of traffic. I also practiced backing today. Yeah.

Think I'll head out till tomorrow.

See you next time,
Miss M

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Driving is....Interesting

So, on Monday I finally got my driving permit. Yes, I am 16 years old and I should have had it already. Well, I'm lazy and you suck. Today, I went driving around a parking lot for the first time. And it was interesting.

It was the parking lot of a local high school (funnily enough, the one I was supposed to if I hadn't opted to do something only available at the high school I do go to). There were two small parking lots connected to a bigger parking lot. We started in the smallest lot. My mom was in the passenger seat teaching me. We started and stopped a few times at first. Here is where I learned that not very much pressure is needed on the accelerator to make it go, and that you need to slowly apply the brake for a gradual stop, not just slam it. This was learned after a few times of slamming my mother into the seat and the dash (sorry, mom!).

Eventually I got the hang of it and we started turning around and around in the small lot. I have a fear of running into things while I'm turning and so that's when we decided to practice turning around things.

The big lot had had a lot of cars in it for some reason and they had finally cleared out somewhat, enough for us to start using the big lot. So I drove around lamp poles and stuff and kept getting better at it, so then we introduced the other small lot. I then started making loops: around the edge of the smallest lot into the big lot, around the edge of the big lot into the other small lot, around the entire edge of that lot back into the big lot, around the other edge of the big lot back into the smallest lot again, u-turn, go around the other way.

My dad got off of work around that time and came to the high school we were at and parked in the big lot to watch. Me and my mother just kept making loops, stopping periodically by my dads car to try and get him into the car we were in so I could drive them both around the lot. FINALLY, I got my dad in the car and I drove both of them in those loops.

Mom decided it was time to stop for today, so I decided to stop right by dads car so he wouldn't have far to walk. Earlier, every time I had tried to park in a space, I had gone to the right too far. Well, this time I started to do it again. Mother was saying "Turn. Turn. Turn! TURN!" and waving her arm at me. For some reason I still don't know, I didn't register that I was too close to dads car and that mom was saying turn until it was ALMOST too late. Thankfully I didn't crash into our car. Mom got back into the driver seat, and we came back home.

In all, I drove around an hour and a half. And it was very informative and interesting. I can't wait until I can actually start driving on roads, but it will still be a few more parking lot sections until I think I'll be ready for the first step in roads: residential streets.

See you next time,
Miss M

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Post in Which I Ramble

Today, I don't really have anything to talk about. So I am going to use my amazing domino thinking and talk about whatever pops in my head.
Also, during summer I am going to try and do a post every weekday, so....let's see how that goes.

So, I had my first omelette this morning...I like eggs. Most kinds of eggs. Except fried ones. Blech.
Ha, that reminds me of The Amanda Show... "The Girls Room". Why was nickelodeon so much better in the 90s? I mean, seriously. Cartoon Network was so much better too. Why has all the good tv gone down the toilet?

Jebus rice, producers, come up with new shit. You always remake old movies and tv shows that are always better the first time. Where did all the creativity go?

"Jackson" by Johnny Cash just came on Spotify. I like that song. You know, country music isn't all that bad. Or perhaps I was just raised around it, so I have a higher tolerance.

I like most kinds of music. Rap (except 80s rap...that shit was good. And a couple songs that stand alone) sucks, and so does hip hop. Country is okay. I like pop and rock. I tend to like rock/hard rock/metal most. 80s music is my favorite. I listen to stuff like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Lynard Skynard, Kiss, Queen, Asia, Styx, 38 Special, Van Halen, Boston, Kansas, Guns N' Roses, REO Speedwagon, Steely Dan, Jethro Tull, lots of other things, and Huey Lewis.

Huey Lewis does a couple songs in my favorite movie. My favorite movie is Back to the Future. Then Star Wars. The first one that came out, you know, the good one. Then The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love movies.

Okay, I'm getting bored with rambling and my hands are getting tired. I think I'm going to go back to pinterest.

See you next time,
Miss M

Monday, July 9, 2012

No Day is Perfect.

Today was a rather exciting day for me. I had my first job interview, and I finally got my learner's permit. Yes, I know, I'm 16 and should have gotten it  along time ago. Well, I'm lazy, so screw you.

Mom had an interview at the same place as mine (a gym), and hers was scheduled first. I waited in the car and re-read my driver manual. She was interviewed by the manager, and he asked her things like (since she was applying to be in the daycare place, and so was I) "Why do you like children?" and "What's your favorite thing about working with children?" You know, applicable shit. Then we went to get gas, then it was off to the testing place!

I took my test on the computer. You have 25 questions, and you have to get 20 right somewhere in there. Like, I missed two, so I had to end up doing 22 total questions so I could get 20 of them right and pass. After I got my test approved, we went to the DMV where I got my actual permit, and I actually look really hot in it since I already had my makeup on for MY job interview. Speaking of that, we are up to that point in my day.

The day sounds alright by this point, right? Well, here's where it starts to go downhill.

I get in the building for my interview, and some random chick who kindof talked like a bitch starts asking me all those really dumb questions. You know, like "Describe a difficult situation you've experienced and how you resolved it" and "What are your goals for the future?" You know, shit that doesn't have to do with anything. And that I wasn't prepared for, because I figured I'd be getting questions that have to do with the job, or ones that the manager asked my mom. But no, it's the fucking stupid ones. Plus I fell and twisted my ankle on my way out of the place, so that should have forewarned me how this was going to go.

I get called a little later to hear I didn't get the job. Okay, fine, whatever. But I'm positive it's the stupid fucking questions fault.

At least I can have a sleepover now.

No day is perfect.

See you next time,
Miss M

Friday, July 6, 2012

ERMAHGERD TWO DAYS IN A ROW! And something serious

Holy shit, I've managed to post two days in a row. I believe this is cause for a dance party.

Don't judge me, I like this song. It's catchy.


Anyway. In light of Anderson Cooper coming out as gay, I believe I will talk about gay people, and their right to marry.

I love gay people.  Gay men, specifically. I mean, there's nothing wrong with lesbians (I like those too) but gay men are guys you can cuddle with but then go shopping and talk about hot men. It's fabulous!

They should marry if they want to. Seriously. What's the problem with it? It's not like seeing two gay people holding hands is going to cause spontaneous combustion. It's just two people who love each other, like any hetero marriage. And the adopting thing. SERIOUSLY, religious people? You think just because two men or women raise a child, it's going to cause the children to turn gay? You know, homosexual behavior has been observed in around 1,500 species. And if people are going to maintain the belief that animals do not have free will, they just do, then obviously homosexuality is a behavior you are born with, not learned or adapted. 

As said by the brilliant Amy Farrah Fowler, "I don't object to the concept of a deity, but I'm baffled by the notion of one that takes attendance." This is pretty much how I feel about religion. I am an agnostic. My beliefs are so odd and scattered, that they are worth another whole blog on the subject to themselves. Maybe I'll do that sometime.

Anyway, my final thought on gays:

See you next time!
Miss M

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Note: I'm actually going to try and post regularly, using this as a sort of diary because I had hand problems this year that prevent me from writing a lot at one time. Okay, post time.

Hi, everyone! Okay, not everyone, because nobody will be reading this. Except maybe a friend or two...geez, I'm rambling now.

Okay. Hi, I am a 16 year old girl getting ready to go into her junior year of high school (yay, prom!!). I live in a state in the midwest of the country, and the weather is either super hot or super cold. I'm chubby, but have large...erm...MOUNTAINS, if you know what I mean, which balances it out, I suppose. I hate them though. Wish they were smaller. BUT ANYWAY.

I've just decided that I will refer to myself as THE DIVINE MISS M, or Miss M for short. And yes, I just stole my alias from Bette Midler. Because I want to be her when I grow up. I want to be an actress sooooo badly. But, I'm going to go to college to become a forensic scientist first, because I've wanted to be one of those since I was like, nine.

This section is THINGS I LIKE. I like my friends (especially the one I shall refer to at Mrs.Hutcherson), tacos, steak, mac and cheese, singing, dancing, acting, traveling, internet-ing, mashed potatoes, boys (especially my future husband, one Damian McGinty <3), bread, PB&J, Glee, Celtic Thunder, my TV, texting, listening to music, Mountain Dew, sleeping, and lots of other things. But most importantly, I like being awesome.

Now, for current events! I have my first ever job interview on Monday at a gym to either work at their front desk or in their little daycare place (apparently it will be discussed when I get there). I've just finished summer school and I NO LONGER HAVE ANY MORE GYM. I am free from it forever, thank god. In August my family is taking a trip up to Michigan, where we will be staying with friends. I will be taking a class in a little community college nearby for the field I want to go into, and for the rest of the time we will be sight-seeing and laying on the beach at a great lake and things like that. Maybe take a detour to Chicago on the way back for a couple days. We don't know for sure yet. But yeah, summer this year is alright.

Think I'll head out for now, I can't think of anything else to talk about. I'll try to have an actual topic next time, like gay marriage or something else that's important to me, share my opinions on things. Yeah.

See you next time,
Miss M