Thursday, August 9, 2012


We leave for Michigan on Saturday. At 4am. Yeah, I'm not happy about that. But Michigan! Land of lakes! And lake beaches! And lighthouses! Somewhere I've never been! Hooray! And, you'll get a blog from while I'm there! Excitement!

So, we were supposed to be there from Saturday to Saturday (a week) and stay with our friends that live up there, but then something happened. My other school (the career center) sent us a letter where we learned that they didn't run on the same schedule as my home school. I start normal school on the 21st, but they start on the 16th. And also, apparently, they will have school sometimes and my home school won't, or my home school will have school sometimes and they won't. Doesn't matter who has school or who doesn't, I'll have to go wherever does. The good thing, though, is when the career center has school and my home school doesn't, I get to sleep in, and when my home school has school but the career center doesn't, I get to go home real early. So that's nice.

So, that cut our vacation short. But it's okay, because I didn't think we could fit enough things in a week of stay, but now we have 3 days and can do a few real fun things. Like, we are going to go to a lake-beach for one of the days, a cool little island (with a lighthouse on it...also, apparently, we will fit another lighthouse in somewhere...don't know where, though), go shopping in a mall that used to be an insane asylum, and explore the bigger town that our friends live just outside of. Our friends also live on a bunch of land that has a lot of woods, and I will make them let me explore. I've never been in the woods on foot before, so that's exciting. 

I was going to take my camera, with a few pictures still on it, because I couldn't find my cord to save them to my computer, but then my dad finally found my camera cord. I was so happy! So I'm taking a completely empty camera (which is like...2000 pictures or something close to that) to take a million pictures with. After I'm back I might make a special Saturday blog showing some of my favorites, because that Thursday will be spent telling you about the rest of my vacation and my first day of career center. 

I'm finished packing my clothes, so I'm working on packing my fun bag for the car (it's a 13 hour drive...I'm not too excited about that part). I have to take my AP homework with me, because I finally got the book yesterday and I'm too excited now to work on it. Mom says I will get bored enough in the car that even homework will seem fun, and I believe her. I need a notebook to take notes and answer some questions for part of the homework, so I went to my bag of new school supplies. I have pretty notebooks that have designs on the front, not just colors, so I was trying to decide what to pick. I have a green polka dot one, a blue wavy one, and a yellow one with speech bubbles and things like that. My reasoning was: "Well, it's for psychology, psychology is about brains, so I want the one with the thought bubble on it." Yep, I'm weird. Then I did this to it:

Yup. I'm awesome. 

Now, to return packing my car entertainment, and re-check my clothes!

See you Monday..IN MICHIGAN!
Miss M

Song of the day: "Somebody That I Used to Know" cover by Walk off the Earth
Author of the day: Suzanne Collins. Yep. HUNGER GAAAAAAAAAAMES!

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