Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun Weekends

So it's 10:30 at night and guess what I remember? "Oh shit. It's Monday. Post day. Better go do that." So here I am. On to the post-age (not the mail kind, the blog kind).

This weekend I did some stuff. Saturday morning I had to get up at 7:50 am (this isn't the fun part...more on the fun in a minute) to do a little yard work. It's been so hot, and there has been so little rain, that the yard is mostly brown, minus the weeds growing up around the edges and those damn green plants that grow on our weird little corner thingies in our patio and along all our fencing. My job, was cutting down the green plants (this is the job I hate the most, so I wasn't happy) on the little corner thingies and along as much of the fence I could until my grandfather (he always orchestrates yard work. It seems that he believes that if we let stuff grow to the point where it looks slightly unkempt, he thinks the city will be after us. Also, he's terrified of the heat, so we always have to do it early. Ugh.) tells me to stop. Grandpa went after the edging on the riding mower, and my dad helped me cut stuff down until grandpa was done. Then grandpa told me it was fine for me to stop, so I did, and dad did his thing with the push mower. Then we went to breakfast, I took a shower, and then went to the fabulous FPDP's house! (hint: this is where the fun part starts)

So I got there and she had another friend with her that SHE had spent the night with the night before. We all went to a game night that a person in her home having. We played Apples to Apples with some other people, then Super Smash Bros, then I made them get out the Mario Kart Wii. You see, I'm a beast at Mario Kart. Someone challenged me to my favorite character. He was acting all superior because I was saying how I'm good at it. I accepted his challenge, and proceeded to kick his ass. Then I kinda sucked for the rest of the night. Also, there's something about playing with more than one other person with me that I suddenly start shouting. And I shouted so much my throat hurt. And FPDP's ex also flirted with me. Which was, like, totally gross but at the same time flattering because FPDP is so much prettier than me and it made me feel pretty. But then her mom said he was probably only doing it to make FPDP jealous. So then I was kinda sad. But lots of like 20 year old guys flirt with me anyway. Like one at the mall today. He was hot. But it's irritating because my mother takes care of me and won't let me go off with all those lecherous older guys who just want jailbait-SHIT I'M GOING OFF TOPIC.

So anyway, I went back to FPDP's house and we got on the computer for a while, talked to Leppie for an hour, watched Lilo and Stitch, and she was really awesome and painted my toes for me, then we slept.

We had to wake up at 7:55 on Sunday because we were going to the zoo. We woke up and asked her dad if the other family was ready, and he said they weren't, so we dozed on and off until about 8:30 when he said down into the basement that they'd be leaving their house in like 3 minutes and for us to get ready. So we got ready REALLY fast then got to the zoo. We walked around one area, walked back to the front, walked around the front, took a tram to the other area and did this fly-over thing they have (this thing was like a ski lift, so it went in a huge oval. So, on the return trip we passed a hot guy. FPDP told me "Hey, that guy's hot" and I said "Yes he is!" then I looked at him and said "HEY! YOU'RE HOT!" I mean, we're never gonna see him again so what's it matter?), walked back to the front again, then went back to her house. I waited at her house for my mom for like an hour because, even though I'd told her I was gonna be back there between 1 and 3, she still went out to eat at a place that's like, 45 minutes away with the rest of my family. Then I went home and did laundry and cleaned my room.

We were at the zoo for like, 4 hours and I walked a fuck ton. I'm so tired. My body hurts so bad.


So I found out a couple weeks ago that I'd somehow missed hearing that AP classes have summer homework, so I emailed an awesome teacher that I love (who taught me CA in the 8th grade, just also moved to my high school because her daughter was going to go there) and also happens to partially run the AP program if she could get me the materials I need so I could have all my stuff done. She could. So today I went to get them. Getting the instructions was fine. She told me to go over to the library (it's in the basement of the public library, and also across the street from my high school) and ask for a certain lady to let me in the textbook room back in the school so I could actually complete the homework (which isn't much. Take notes over a couple chapters, make flash cards of the vocab in those chapters, answer the questions after both those chapters, then read a little packet. Easy stuff, for me anyway.). I went over to the library, and there was a bitchy lady there from whom I learned that the lady I needed wasn't there, and she couldn't do anything to help me because she "was just a sub and didn't know anything". So I went upstairs (the normal public library part) and asked them if they knew anything, and they didn't either. I called my mom (who was waiting back at the school) what to do now, and she said to come back over and ask the receptionist in the student service center if she could leave the AP lady a note. She couldn't, but recommended that I email her to bring it to the receptionist lady so I could pick it up. Well, she hasn't answered yet. So that's lovely.

Okay, ending the long post because my hands are starting to hurt from typing so much.

See you Thursday!
Miss M

PS: I already know what my next 3 posts will be about, so you won't get nothing ones with just videos and "I'm sorry-s" in them. Yay!

PPS: I'm also thinking I'll start two "of the day" segments at the end of each blog. A song/artist section, where I talk about a song artist (or a few) that I like, or a song (or a few) that I like, or both. Maybe a song from the artist I mention, maybe not. We'll wait and see. And, also, a book/author section, where I talk about a book (or few) that I like, or an author (or a few) that I like. Same conditions as with the music one. They will appear every post, if I remember them. If not, then whenever I remember.
Or maybe I'll post a random "of the day" thing along with those two every once in a a YouTuber or a food or something like that. Yeah.

PPPS: Here's the first two.

Artist/songs of the day-Father John Misty. I somehow found him in Spotify. I just found him today, and from what I've listened to so far I rather like the songs "Nancy From Now On", "I'm Writing a Novel", and "Only Son of the Ladiesman".
Book/Author of the day: "An Abundance of Katherines" by John Green. John Green is also our author of the day. I love all his books that I've read ("An Abundance of Katherines", "Paper Towns", "Looking for Alaska", and "The Fault in our Stars"...I'm still missing "Will Grayson, Will Grayson") but Katherines is definitely my favorite of them. Seriously, check him out.

Okay, I'm really leaving this time.


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