Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Lack of Female BFF

Well, it's Thursday. And as promised, the somewhat-but-not-really dramatic story of how I lost my girl best friend, whom I shall be calling Stupid Hoe, or rather, SH.

Background: We look kindof similar, and most everyone thought we were twins/sisters, and this brought us closer. We had been friends since the end of the first week of freshman year (a year and a half prior to this). We had had one major falling out before this, a few months before. I don't even remember what that one was about. She was the best friend I had ever had, and she knew EVERYTHING. Now as I look back, I THOUGHT I knew everything about her, but it seems to me now that she was either a pathological liar or just didn't tell me anything. Okay, onto the story.

So, I had just spent a week (spring break) pretty much with SH all hours of the day. The music department (orchestra, band, and choir) took a trip to Washington DC for that week, coming home on my birthday (March 17). She was my roommate, along with another friend of ours (we had the good fortune to only have to have 3 girls in our room). We were together much of every day as well. Now that I think about this, I think she may have been tired of me. But she was still with me every chance she got...I don't know. Anyway, the first Monday back is where the problem began.

Scene: Third block, US History, about 15 minutes before lunch.
She usually sat right behind me. Another mutual friend of ours (Arie) had texted me something funny, and I decided to show it to SH. We had free time in class, either it was a study day or he just finished early, I don't remember now. Anyway, I showed it to her, and she decided to scroll through the rest of the conversation to see if anything else was funny. Usually, this would not bother me at all, but earlier in the day I had told Arie something I didn't want SH to see.
You see, I have another best friend. L-Mon. A boy. I go through stages of thinking I have a crush on him, and other times I don't think I do at all. He always acts like he likes me, yet says he doesn't...that's a story for another day. Anyway, I was in an I-think-I-like-him stage and had texted Arie that. I didn't want SH to know, because she, along with all of our other friends (and even my own parents) said we liked each other and kinda freaked whenever I went through these stages, and I didn't want to deal with it.
Well, she saw it. And she freaked, just like I knew she would. I was sitting there under a siege of questioning from her and our other two friends in that class. She then decided to text a whole bunch of our mutual friends that she had saw that. Now, you're probably thinking, "That's it? That all it was?". Nope. Sure wasn't. That actually didn't bother me at all. She did stuff like that sometimes, and I was already thinking of ways to lie and tell everyone I was really tired and didn't know what I was saying, yadda yadda. I don't like people to know who I like. So I was just like "Ugh" and was going to let it go.

Scene: Outside the US History classroom, waiting for the teacher to come back, right after lunch.
We had been talking about other things (me, SH, and two other friends of ours). When she brought it up again. Then, she came up with the bright idea to post it on his PUBLIC FACEBOOK WALL. WHERE HE, AND ALL OF HIS/HER FRIENDS COULD SEE IT. If she had just decided to email it to him, that was a whole 'nother story. The main reason that I was angry at all, was just because she made it to where all of his Facebook friends, and her Facebook friends (since she had posted it, her friends could see it, as I'm sure you know) could see it. Most likely, people that would spread it around the whole school. I was so angry at her that, looking back, I may have overreacted a LITTLE. I uphold that I was allowed to be angry at this because, like I said, it would have been an entirely different story if she had just emailed it to him, where just he would see it. We went back to normal after that, mostly.
After school that day, something had happened to fuel my anger again (this was 5 months ago, I don't remember every detail). I was at auditions for a theater show. I texted her again, full of anger. (Now, I'll admit, me texting her here may have made the whole fight worse. BUT. She does something in a bit that is waaaaaaay worse than this. You'll see.) We get in an argument, and it ends with her insulting me, telling me that nobody really likes me, and other rude things like that. She told me to leave her alone, but I refused to let her have the last word since she started the entire situation, so I texted back "Fine" and that was it. I was crying and was being comforted by my amazing theater family. I went home and forgot about it.

Scene: Next day, second block, Spanish class
SH and I hadn't spoken since the afternoon before, when she insulted me, which was odd for us. I had been letting our mutual friends know what happened so they would understand why there would be tension between us. Suddenly, I start getting texts from a number I've never seen. I can only assume that SH sent her on me to hurt me. The mystery texter states her name, that she is a friend of SH's, and then starts her assault. She says, that I am a bitch, that I start shit, than I'm just trying to make things worse for SH and should stay out of her business, that I am send all of our friends to ruin her life, that nobody really likes me, among other things. She also says that when she used to go to my school, that I was a bitch to her and started all sorts of drama. This claim is hilarious, because I had NO idea who this person was, what she looked like, anything. And I also try my very best to stay out of drama. About half these insults are in the first texts she sends, and I reply by saying that I do none of these things, that I am none of these things, and for her to please stop texting me because I have no idea who she is. She basically tells me whatever, sends the other insults, and I reply again by asking her to please stop texting me because I don't know who she is. She then stops her texting assault of me.
I have a minor panic attack problem that has never been diagnosed, but every once in a while I will get them. I start getting one now. I finally get my Spanish teacher to let me go to the nurse, because I'm crying, can barely breathe, feel like I'm going to throw up, and almost fall over whenever I try to stand. On my way down to the nurse, which takes me a while because I'm trying not to fall, I run through my options.
By what SH has told me, I know she is (at least by her claims) the type of person to ruin my family's house (by egging, TPing, tagging, etc) or cars (keying, etc), or the type to send people after me to further textually assault me, or beat me up. I knew that she wouldn't stop this unless I brought in an adult/my mother (my mother is reeeeeally scary, and SH knew that because she'd spent the night at my house many times before). I also wasn't ready to take the chance on bagging on that she was most likely lying. So I tell my mother. My mother gets her phone number from me, and tells her to just stop it. She didn't insult or threaten her, just told her to stop giving outside people my phone number, that this argument was between us. I went back to class.

Scene: Week or two later, Spanish class again
I'm called out of class to go speak to the assistant principal for my grade. Basically what happened is, SH's mother didn't like that my mother had texted her "precious" daughter (her mother seriously, like, worships SH) and informed the principal, me and SH were called in separately (I don't know which one of us was first, she just told me that she'd be seeing both of us separately) to tell our sides of the story. I told mine basically as I have told it here, but probably with more finite details because had only been a week or two earlier that it had happened.

We haven't spoken since.

I decided to write this here because I have taken to stalking her Facebook (her life is a lot worse than mine usually, and I like to look at the posts and laugh at her and say "That's karma, bitch!") and I decided to go back to the days of our argument. She called me "sad" because "I called in my mommy to fight my battle". As I explained above, I called in my mother because I knew her well enough to know that if I tried to fight it myself, it'd probably just get worse, and she'd harm me, my house, or my family's cars, and I didn't want to put my family through that. I am usually one to fight my own battle, I just didn't want it to escalate further.

It's just been all over my mind lately. I've gotten so angry about it because SHE is the one who first brought in someone else to fight HER battle, yet she's going to call ME sad for calling in my mother? SHE had some bitch I don't even know insult me, and yet she's going to call ME a baby? Ugh.

Okay, I've taken up enough of your time by this really long post, so I'll head out for now.

I feel better writing the whole thing/my feelings down here. Thanks for reading. Go ahead and comment if you want how you would have handled the situation! Keep in mind though: I was so freaked at the time that my best friend in the entire world had turned on me, so I probably could have handled some things better. Please don't insult how I did it.

Okay, that's all!

See you Monday,
Miss M

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