Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Holy Shit a Wednesday Post

Hi! Yeah, it's Wednesday. But a lot of stuff happened today and I don't want to make tomorrow's post really long like they have been lately.

So, we've been having trouble with me getting the textbook for my summer homework, remember? If you don't remember, go take a look at Monday's post again before reading the rest of this so it'll make sense.

The lady who is (apparently) the only one who could get in the textbook room finally came into work today and dropped the book off at the high school library for me to get later. So, since registration was also today (we already registered...they also took yearbook pics today, so that's what we went for) we dropped by the library before heading to get my picture. I go down to the library and ask the lady who's there if there was anything left for me. The first lady, for some reason, had written down my mother's name instead of mine, and hadn't taken down my student ID number like she apparently should have. So the lady now had to get all that, but when she checked it into the computer, it told her I had a fee of 80 dollars! I don't know why the hell it said that, because I turned in all of my textbooks both of my previous years of school. She tries to call the elusive lady who finally got my textbook to ask what to do, she doesn't answer (of course). So she calls the school, and the school says to override it and give it to me. So, thankfully I have it now and can start my homework. Which I will be doing tomorrow in the daytime, hopefully. Because we are packing tomorrow. Hooray!

Song of the day: "Sexually Attracted to Myself" by Reader's Wives
Book of the day: "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. Yeah, I know. She wrote "Twilight". But this book is better...seriously.

See you tomorrow! (Maybe. I will be packing, you know. So it'll either be late, or it'll be posted early Friday.)
Miss M

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