Sunday, August 12, 2012

Breakin' the car, breakin' the car...

Yeah, I was about to write a title and for some reason got reminded of "Breakin' the Law" by Judas Preist, so that's why that is our title.

I know I post tomorrow, and I was actually going to post this yesterday, but everything was just SO fucked up and I was exhausted'll see.

So, we head out for Michigan at approximately 4:15am Saturday morning. We hit a raccoon in there somewhere, but other than that everything is hunky-dory until about noon, when we're in Bloomington, Illinois.

We get gas, re-start the car, and the check engine light has come on. My parents have had this happen before, and they were told that sometimes, if you don't put the gas cap back on right, the check engine light comes on. So they were told to undo and redo the gas cap, disconnect the battery, reconnect it, then everything should be fine. So, they do that, and we're back on the road. The last time they did this, the car ran rough for a while, but then righted itself, so when it started running rough, they just figured the car was fixing its problem, so they ignored it. All of a sudden, just outside Chicago, the RPM gague starts revving up really high, then suddenly dropping. It does this repeatedly, the gague getting over 6, and we know something is really fucked up. So we stop. On the side of a highway. We rest the car, let it cool down some, and try again. After about 15 minutes it starts again. We keep going through this process (like, 6 times) with each time taking less for the gague to start revving. We barely get across the Michigan border, and get to a welcome center. We call our friends that we are driving up to see, and the man says he thinks something is wrong with the transmission, and reccomends something that might fix it. We try it, and it doesn't work. We limp along a little farther until we make it to a little town, and thankfully find a mechanic. Unfortunately, he's closing. He does, though, tell us that our transmission is completely fucked and we either need a new one, or need to rebuild the one we have. He says that if we have someone to come get us, to have them do it. Our friends had already been on the way because they were worried about us, so we had to wait. We and our friends communicate back and forth a lot in the next while, and eventually find us someone to take our car to that is only about 2 hours from our friends, rather than 4 hours away. We (after a loooooong time and quite a lot of struggle) got a tow truck coming to get us, so we waited. We waited in our car, in this tiny parking lot, in this tiny town, for like 4 hours. Our friends get there and we take everything into their car, and we wait for the truck. The truck gets there about 20 minutes later, and we're off. Two hours later, we arrive at the mechanic. Two hours after that, we arrive at their house, at 2am. We all go to bed immediately.

So, yesterday was just COMPLETELY. FUCKED. UP. Thank god we had amazing friends to come get us, and thank god we are at their home safe. We haven't heard anything about our car yet, and we need it my Wednesday, because I start school on Thursday! I CAN'T MISS THE FIRST DAY!!

So yeah. This is making our vacation difficult to enjoy, but we are managing to do it. Tomorrow, I'll talk about our adventures on Monday and Tuesday.

Book of the day: "Divergent" by Veronica Roth
Song of the day: "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" by Eric Idle

See you tomorrow!
Miss M

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