Thursday, July 5, 2012


Note: I'm actually going to try and post regularly, using this as a sort of diary because I had hand problems this year that prevent me from writing a lot at one time. Okay, post time.

Hi, everyone! Okay, not everyone, because nobody will be reading this. Except maybe a friend or two...geez, I'm rambling now.

Okay. Hi, I am a 16 year old girl getting ready to go into her junior year of high school (yay, prom!!). I live in a state in the midwest of the country, and the weather is either super hot or super cold. I'm chubby, but have large...erm...MOUNTAINS, if you know what I mean, which balances it out, I suppose. I hate them though. Wish they were smaller. BUT ANYWAY.

I've just decided that I will refer to myself as THE DIVINE MISS M, or Miss M for short. And yes, I just stole my alias from Bette Midler. Because I want to be her when I grow up. I want to be an actress sooooo badly. But, I'm going to go to college to become a forensic scientist first, because I've wanted to be one of those since I was like, nine.

This section is THINGS I LIKE. I like my friends (especially the one I shall refer to at Mrs.Hutcherson), tacos, steak, mac and cheese, singing, dancing, acting, traveling, internet-ing, mashed potatoes, boys (especially my future husband, one Damian McGinty <3), bread, PB&J, Glee, Celtic Thunder, my TV, texting, listening to music, Mountain Dew, sleeping, and lots of other things. But most importantly, I like being awesome.

Now, for current events! I have my first ever job interview on Monday at a gym to either work at their front desk or in their little daycare place (apparently it will be discussed when I get there). I've just finished summer school and I NO LONGER HAVE ANY MORE GYM. I am free from it forever, thank god. In August my family is taking a trip up to Michigan, where we will be staying with friends. I will be taking a class in a little community college nearby for the field I want to go into, and for the rest of the time we will be sight-seeing and laying on the beach at a great lake and things like that. Maybe take a detour to Chicago on the way back for a couple days. We don't know for sure yet. But yeah, summer this year is alright.

Think I'll head out for now, I can't think of anything else to talk about. I'll try to have an actual topic next time, like gay marriage or something else that's important to me, share my opinions on things. Yeah.

See you next time,
Miss M

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