Friday, July 6, 2012

ERMAHGERD TWO DAYS IN A ROW! And something serious

Holy shit, I've managed to post two days in a row. I believe this is cause for a dance party.

Don't judge me, I like this song. It's catchy.


Anyway. In light of Anderson Cooper coming out as gay, I believe I will talk about gay people, and their right to marry.

I love gay people.  Gay men, specifically. I mean, there's nothing wrong with lesbians (I like those too) but gay men are guys you can cuddle with but then go shopping and talk about hot men. It's fabulous!

They should marry if they want to. Seriously. What's the problem with it? It's not like seeing two gay people holding hands is going to cause spontaneous combustion. It's just two people who love each other, like any hetero marriage. And the adopting thing. SERIOUSLY, religious people? You think just because two men or women raise a child, it's going to cause the children to turn gay? You know, homosexual behavior has been observed in around 1,500 species. And if people are going to maintain the belief that animals do not have free will, they just do, then obviously homosexuality is a behavior you are born with, not learned or adapted. 

As said by the brilliant Amy Farrah Fowler, "I don't object to the concept of a deity, but I'm baffled by the notion of one that takes attendance." This is pretty much how I feel about religion. I am an agnostic. My beliefs are so odd and scattered, that they are worth another whole blog on the subject to themselves. Maybe I'll do that sometime.

Anyway, my final thought on gays:

See you next time!
Miss M

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