Monday, July 23, 2012


Hi! It's MONDAY!

Wait, why am I acting happy about this? I hate Mondays.

Well, anyways. Yesterday was my mommy's birthday. She turned 43.

And, now to MY news.

On Saturday afternoon, I drove myself (Well...with my parents in the car. Permit, you know) over to my friend FirePenguinDiscoPanda's (Okay...that's really hard to type. She will hereafter, and in all subsequent blog posts, be known as FPDP) house. Her parents will still working when I got there, so we just sat on her couch in the rec room and talked about random shit. After her parents got home, we decided to make sims of ourselves and we did. However, the computer fucked up and we had to start watching Netflix instead. We watched lots of TV shows and movies, complained about guys (and how each of us thinks a guy friend of ours likes us, but are too dumbassed to do anything about it), and talked about drama in our lives. We had waffles at 1:30 in the morning, then we fell asleep until around 10:45am. She got on the computer to mess with the sims again, and I was watching shows on Netflix. We talked while this was going on. Then my mom came to get me and we went out to lunch, and didn't do anything else for the rest of the day.

That was my first sleepover since March, when my (now ex) best friend decided to make a decision that appalled me (maybe I'll talk about that on Thursday...hmmm...). But yeah. It was fun.

HEY! FPDP! Invite me over again soon! Lol. We can invite Leppie too!

See you Thursday!
Miss M

P.S.: Hey....FPDP...Leppie is our mutual friend with the blonde hair and same birthday as me. Get it? March 17-Leprecaun-Leppie! Kay, thanks, bye! :)

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