Monday, July 16, 2012

Internet Video!

So, me and my mother were having a chat this morning about Glee. We both love the show. I record it in my room on my DVR because the living room one already records a lot of stuff, and my dad doesn't like Glee anyway. So it's recorded in my room.

ANYWAYS, my mother hasn't seen the last half of the season. She hasn't seen from the episode with Blaine's big brother to the end (I have, though). She was thinking about subscribing to Hulu Plus (hereafter known as H+) so she could watch it without having to be in my room (my room is really small, and she thinks my bed is really uncomfortable, blah blah blah), so she asked me to research it a bit. I did, and learned some things (I'll get to that in a minute, hold on...). She then realized she wasn't sure what the difference was between H+ and Netflix (hereafter known as N), so I researched that as well. Here's what I learned.

H+ is about $10 a month for unlimited streaming through the internet, in devices like computers, video game consoles, internet-connected TVs, and internet-connected Blu-ray players. N is around $9 a month, with similar streaming features, and you can also play an extra $9 for the ability to get one DVD at a time through the mail. Here's the major difference though...THE CONTENT. 

H+ is geared more towards major TV watchers. It has the entirety of the most recent season of many shows, and new episodes are up a couple days after premiering on TV. It also has a rather large TV backlog, for example it has not only every episode of Glee season three, it also has every episode of the other two seasons. Its movies are rather limited, though. By that I mean that the ones they have are rather unheard of, and they don't have very many (in contrast to N, anyway). N has a HUGE selection of movies. However, some of their movies (and TV for that matter) are only available through DVD and that's a real problem point for my mother. N has a huge selection of TV, but it doesn't have the most recent season/episodes. It's always a season behind. BUT. It has every episode of series like the original Star Trek, Rugrats, Friends, LOST, and others like that. 

So, I think if I could only get one, I'd probably pick N. It has way more movies and TV shows to select from. The only thing I'd be sad I didn't have is the recent-ness of H+'s TV selection. But at this point, it seems that my mother is thinking that we might as well get both if we're going to get one, plus we can always cancel if it turns out we don't like one. So, that's fun.

That's my rant for today. Plus I also put that there so I can refer to it for my mother later, haha. 

See you next time,
Miss M

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