Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Driving is....Interesting

So, on Monday I finally got my driving permit. Yes, I am 16 years old and I should have had it already. Well, I'm lazy and you suck. Today, I went driving around a parking lot for the first time. And it was interesting.

It was the parking lot of a local high school (funnily enough, the one I was supposed to if I hadn't opted to do something only available at the high school I do go to). There were two small parking lots connected to a bigger parking lot. We started in the smallest lot. My mom was in the passenger seat teaching me. We started and stopped a few times at first. Here is where I learned that not very much pressure is needed on the accelerator to make it go, and that you need to slowly apply the brake for a gradual stop, not just slam it. This was learned after a few times of slamming my mother into the seat and the dash (sorry, mom!).

Eventually I got the hang of it and we started turning around and around in the small lot. I have a fear of running into things while I'm turning and so that's when we decided to practice turning around things.

The big lot had had a lot of cars in it for some reason and they had finally cleared out somewhat, enough for us to start using the big lot. So I drove around lamp poles and stuff and kept getting better at it, so then we introduced the other small lot. I then started making loops: around the edge of the smallest lot into the big lot, around the edge of the big lot into the other small lot, around the entire edge of that lot back into the big lot, around the other edge of the big lot back into the smallest lot again, u-turn, go around the other way.

My dad got off of work around that time and came to the high school we were at and parked in the big lot to watch. Me and my mother just kept making loops, stopping periodically by my dads car to try and get him into the car we were in so I could drive them both around the lot. FINALLY, I got my dad in the car and I drove both of them in those loops.

Mom decided it was time to stop for today, so I decided to stop right by dads car so he wouldn't have far to walk. Earlier, every time I had tried to park in a space, I had gone to the right too far. Well, this time I started to do it again. Mother was saying "Turn. Turn. Turn! TURN!" and waving her arm at me. For some reason I still don't know, I didn't register that I was too close to dads car and that mom was saying turn until it was ALMOST too late. Thankfully I didn't crash into our car. Mom got back into the driver seat, and we came back home.

In all, I drove around an hour and a half. And it was very informative and interesting. I can't wait until I can actually start driving on roads, but it will still be a few more parking lot sections until I think I'll be ready for the first step in roads: residential streets.

See you next time,
Miss M

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