Wednesday, September 26, 2012


So, today, my career center teacher had a couple of guys in the army come to talk to us today so we could expand our options. And one thing the sergeant said really stuck with me: Hope's not really a good strategy in anything.

I started thinking about how true that was. I mean, I'm not saying to not have hope. You always have to have hope, because sometimes it's all you have left. But I was thinking about how that's what I always do. I sit back and hope for the best, then nothing ever happens. Because I never actually go DO anything. So it opened my eyes.

You can't just sit back and hope for whatever it is you're wanting. You have to go out and get it.

So, Abe, I'm sorry. But you're about to be my boyfriend. You are my project.

Song of the day: We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. Because it's catchy.
Author of the day: JK Rowling. Because, duh.

See you!
Miss M

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