Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A rant about boys and their wishy-washyness

Hi. I don't really have a topic for today, so I'm just gonna give a general update on me.

So, my career center is going pretty good. The guy, Abraham, is so amazing. I mean, seriously. I wanna jump that. Problem is, HE HAS A FUCKING GIRLFRIEND. YET WHAT DOES HE DO? FLIRT WITH ME ALL DAY.

I hate boys. They flirt with you and talk to you and tell you things like you're the only person they can tell, then the next moment "Oh yeah, I went to my girlfriend's this weekend." And you're just sitting there like "WHAT. THE FUCK. IS WRONG. WITH YOU." Because seriously! My friend Kiwi AND my mother think he's flirting with me. So does FPDP. It's so infuriating.  Because the good ones are always taken. WHY?!

He's hot, plays football, wrestles, is real muscley, is funny, nice, sweet, likes to make dirty jokes with me, AND HE USED TO BE IN SHOW CHOIR. HOW PERFECT IS HE FOR ME?! Totally fucking perfect, that's how perfect he is. All the guys that I like who sing are all basses. Guess what part he sang? Bass. He's a country boy and his legs/ass look amazing in his jeans. Sigh.

Him and Kiwi were sitting with me yesterday while we were doing our final sketches. OB was playing country music on the radio, and they were both singing. Kinda singing FOR me, because I didn't know most of the songs.

HE EVEN INVITED ME TO GO TO HIS CHURCH/YOUTH GROUP WITH HIM. Too bad I'm agnostic and every time I go to church I end up irritated, because I'd love to go and hang out with him. FML.

Sorry I've been irritated about this ever since it happened so I'm just AGH. I'm writing this at school and it's about to be passing time, so I'll end the rant for today.

Song of the day: Stu's Song (From The Hangover) Meets Metal by 331Erock on YouTube. It's amazing. See?

Book of the day: Identical by Ellen Hopkins

See you next time!
Miss M

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