Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I'm stupid

Helloooooooooo bloggy people! You may be thinking "Hey! Why are you awake? Don't you have school in the morning?" Why, yes I do have school in the morning! In fact, school is partially the reason I'm awake at this un-fucking-godly hour. I'm mostly the reason though.

For about a month I've known about a 5 page research paper that I have to turn into a PowerPoint as well. Well, guess what? Every time I had a chance to sit down and do it, my brain just wouldn't let me. I don't even know why. So, at this exact moment it's 2:58am. I started at about 11, I think, and I got my paper done (completely from scratch, bibliography and all) at about 2:44. I gave myself a bit of a break for working so hard but just about time to go work on the powerpoint. I'm leaving this an open document and I'll document the time whenever I come to make a comment.

3:01 - Leaving to go work on powerpoint
3:05 - Starting to panic a little because I'm tired and I don't really know what to do...
3:06 - calms down slightly. all you have to do is convert the essay into a powerpoint...LASTING 7 MINUTES. shit.
3:07 - remembers freshman year...did presentation night before...ended up talking 10 minutes. we'll be okay. we're good at bullshitting.
3:21 - shit. i was doing so good. lost my concentration. 3:30 we're starting again. and actually focusing. i need to get this done by like, 4:30 or 5 so i might be able to get a smidgen of sleep, i mean jeez. i don't want to go on literally NO sleep. i'll die.
3:25 - okay i just started a video that will be done at approximately at 3:40. THEN i'll start. because then i won't be able to concentrate if i don't finish the video. because i'll sit here wondering about it instead of working.
3:28 - okay ended up bailing the video. going to google how to concentrate again.
3:37 - just made a decision. going to find all the pictures i want, put them in my powerpoint, go to sleep. in the morning i can usually work on other things during first block, will do that then after some sleep. work on it during advisory (also go print my essay during advisory). if it still isn't done i can probably work on it a little on the bus, since i will have everything i need from the internet already.

Okay, i'm FREAKING. EXHAUSTED. I'm going to go find all those pictures and get myself a couple hours of sleep. I already feel a lot better after finishing that paper...thought it was gonna take a lot longer than it did. Glad it didn't. I can make power points pretty fast. I'm not working fast right now. I'll work better in the morning after sleep and the caffeine I'm going to get.

Song of the day: "Tammy" by Debbie Reynolds. It's what's playing right now.
Book of the day: "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" by Dr. Seuss. Because why not?

Miss M

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